Standard Four Sided Pit

Slide Rail Components offer the option of using lighter equipment when installing the system. The cost of rental and installation of the system is approximately 50 percent of steel sheeting. One of the biggest advantages of Slide Rail is that installation of the system and the excavation are completed together, saving time and reducing cost.  Slide Rail Systems have proven to be a highly adaptable shoring system. Having the ability to provide open pits and trench depths of up to 30 feet, and huge spans without the use of Walers.


  • Save 30% TO 60% off conventional sheeting
  • Great for pipelines
  • Second to none in pit applications
  • Can be installed by a small crew and an excavator (No Drill Rig required).
  • Flexibility of components – almost any size and configuration is possible.
  • Utility crossings are easy to accommodate
  • Larger cantilever means large structures or pipe can be accommodated
  • Multiple operations can be performed simultaneously, creating greater productivity.