Inflatable Pipe Plugs

Every new sanitary sewer has to be tested before its put in service. Air pressure tests from manhole to manhole are most common. Also, a sewer repair might require the existing flow to be by-passed around the area to be worked on. Swimming the sewage is not fun.

The simplest way to control the flow of a storm or sanitary sewer or to isolate a section of gravity pipe is with pipe plugs. These inflatable cylinders are available in a variety of sizes. Standard rental fleet sizes range from 4 inches to 48inches in diameter. There are Test-Balls (stoppers) or Muni-Balls (by-pass lines) for air testing or by-passing a flow. All plugs are provided with a inflator/anchor line that allows the control of inflation and deflation from outside the manhole while securing the plug.

Trench Shoring Services is a distributer for the complete line of Cherne Industries Pneumatic Plugs. If you have a special need that isn’t in the rental fleet, we can order it for you through Cherne.