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Steel Trench Box

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No matter what your application
Trench Plate® Rental Co has the solution.

We have a complete inventory of trench boxes, ranging from light-weight boxes used for utility and general maintenance, to large boxes with 4”, 6” and 8” walls designed for the deepest toughest projects.

Delivered to your job site - On your schedule.

► High strength steel construction
► 4 lifting points built into sidewalls
► Pulling Eyes
► Stackable
► Arch Spreaders available
► High Clearance Spreaders available
► 3 and 4 sided configurations

Steel Trench Box Sizes
Arch Spreaders
Bore Pit

Our customers safely meet their deadlines using our knowledge and abilities to maximize productivity and safety.

► Wheel Kit
► Guard Rails
► Box Walkway
► Pulling Tongue
► Grade Plate

Save time & man hours using a Grade Plate.

When laying pipe in a shield simply dump crushed rock in front of the grade plate, attach the excavator to the pull bar and move the shield forward. The rock will flow under the grade plate and set the pipe grade.

Steel Box Grade Plate
Steel Box Walkway

Grade Plate

Steel Box Walkway

Steel Trench Shield / Steel Trench Box

Guard Rails

Guard Rails