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Slide Rail System

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►Slide Rail Systems have proven to be a highly adaptable shoring system. With the ability to provide open pits and trench depths up to 30 feet, and huge spans with out the use of Walers.
►Save 30% TO 60% off conventional sheeting.
►Great for pipelines.
►Second to none in pit applications.
►Can be Installed by a small crew and an excavator (No Drill Rig Required).
►Flexibility of components– almost any size and configuration is possible.
►Utility crossings are easy to accommodate.
►Larger cantilever means large structures or pipe can be accommodated.
►Multiple operations can be performed simultaneously, creating greater productivity

Pipeline Application

Meet close sheeting requirements.

Allow for production installation of pipeline.

Multiple operations can be performed simultaneously.

Poor soil conditions are no problem.

Only requires a small Crew for installation and removal.

Modular design allows many different configurations.

Significant cost savings over other close sheeting systems.

Crossing utilities are easily accommodated.

Pit Application

Because of modular design many configurations are possible.

Easily installed by a small crew.

Easily configured for wide spans.

Cross members can be removed for large tank or vault settings.

Poor soil conditions are easily accommodated.

Meets all close sheeting requirements.

Can be used for pier footings, bridge
abutments and many other applications.

Slide Rail Pit Application
Pileline Application for Slide Rail

Slide Rail System