Pipe Plugs & Deflection Gauge

Durable rugged construction Products meet or exceed industry standards

We stock Plugs from 3″ to 48″

Custom design & build available

  • Test Plugs
  • Blocking Plugs
  • Flow Diverters
  • Mechanical Plugs
  • Manhole Testing Equipment
  • Flow Block “Weenie” Plugs
  • Wash Balls

Many sizes and other products are available for rent and sale.

Multi-Size Deflection Gauge

Deflection gauges are used to test pipes for obstructions; and detect any malformation of the pipe.

This testing ensures that flexible pipe has been properly bedded and back-filled to give maximum performance.

Many sizes available for rent or sale

Mechanical Pipe Plug

  • Lightweight Aluminum
  • Neoprene Sealing Ring
  • 100% surface Contact
  • All Parts Replaceable 4” thru 21”
  • (D&T) Ready For Pressure Testing


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