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Manhole Rounds and Hydraulic MHB

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► Steel Round Manhole

Manhole rounds are specially designed to protect personnel during manhole installations, line taps, valve placements and spot repairs. Their cylindrical construction incorporates high-strength corrugated steel walls.

Adjustable leg supports provide field adjustment of bottom clearance for incoming utilities, accommodating up to 52-inch diameters when utilizing the cut-outs.

Light enough for handling with a rubber-tired backhoe, easily stacked for varying depths.
Quick-connect pins and keepers enable rapid interlock of stacked Manhole rounds.

► Hydraulic Manhole Box

Hydraulic Manhole Box Sizes
Hydraulic Manhole Box
Steel Round Manhole
Steel Round Manhole Sizes

Boxes expand hydraulically to allow adjustments for excavation and manhole size.

Boxes can be stacked and multiple boxes can placed in the excavation as a unit.

Manhole Rounds and Hydraulic Manhole Box