Colich & Sons was the successful bidder on the Valley Boulevard Trunk Sewer Project in the City of Fontana. Colich and Sons will install approximately 16,400 feet of 12 to 18 inch diameter trunk sewer lines, with approximately 9,750 feet of lateral connections from the trunk sewer to individual properties. Greg Cole, the Project Coordinator for Colich knew that this would be a high profile project for the city, which would include routine inspections by the City and OSHA. Because of the variety of equipment required, and his safety concerns, he contacted Trench Plate® Rental Co.

Trench Plate® Rental Co provided Steel Boxes for bore pits and Arch Spreaders on the boxes to provide the clearance required for the bores. The bore was a 400’ long of 36” casing under the 10 Freeway, allowing Colich to place an 18” Clay Sewer pipe in the casing. The bore pit needed to be 40 feet long and 16 feet deep, with the ends closed off for safety. Greg Cole was “very happy with the consultation services and the service of Trench Plate® Rental Co”. “They did what we needed them to do, when we needed it done”. In addition to the Steel boxes on the project, TPR also provided Pipe Plugs, Steel Plates and other rental products to assist in the projects completion.

The trunk sewer pipeline will be located within Valley Blvd, from just west of Beech Ave to Calabash Ave, Calabash Ave between Valley Blvd and Slover Ave, and Slover Ave from Calabash Ave to Mulberry Ave, and Cherry Avenue between Valley Blvd and San Bernardino Ave. Wastewater will flow from east to west. The trunk sewer will connect to an existing City sewer line at Mulberry Ave, which discharges into the Fontana Interceptor Relief Sewer. Wastewater will be treated at the Inland Empire Utilities Agency Regional Plant No.1. The pipeline will be located within City and County Street right-of-way and under Interstate Highway 10 and the adjacent Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) tracks. Additionally, in order to allow for future expansion of the system without having to re-disturb the intersections, collector sewer pipeline “stub-outs” will extend approximately 100 feet outside of each street intersection (on the up-gradient side of the trunk sewer).


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